MLP called me last night

I was high as a kite when he called and there was huge noise all around me and Al was vomiting at this point so I didn’t get the whole thing straight. But Jonathan was returning my call to him where I left him a message saying what the fuck are you doing making another deal with the Borg? Jonathan says not to worry because today’s announcement is going to help restore Sun’s leadership position and reinforce its singular focus on high-performance computing, and storage, and Java, and free software. Then he went off on some weird tangent about Scooter and how brilliant he is and how he’s such a huge asset to Sun and everyone at the company views him as this huge hero and visionary, this guy who saw early on that software is just a feature of hardware and that the network is the computer. Also — and I may have imagined this because I was tripping — but I woke up with this weird memory of Jonathan telling me that Sun’s new slogan is going to be, “We put the free in free software.” But I also remember him saying, “Sun: We Give It Away.” But all of that might have just been the peyote talking. So basically I have no idea what they’re going to announce and to be honest I’m not sure why I should even care. But I’m still buzzing on the peyote and can’t sleep even though I’m not really hallucinating anymore. I hate this part of the trip where you’re just all edgy and sizzling but the walls aren’t breathing anymore and you’re not really seeing any color trails and you just really want to go to sleep but your mind won’t let you. Oh well. Back to the yoga mat for a rest. Peace out.