Legal news: We’ve hired a gunslinger

See our press release about this here. We’re bringing over the guy who used to be Larry’s general counsel at Oracle, and we’re booting our current guy. Or, as we put it in the press release: “We thank Don for his contributions to Apple during the past ten months, and wish him well in his future endeavors.” Translation: You’re history, butt-munch.

The switcheroo was Larry’s idea. Now that the feds are circling again he says I need some bad-ass mofo leading my team, not some namby-pamby Valley type. “I want you to have my consigliere,” he told me. “He’s a good man. He can be trusted. Listen to him.” We’ve had one meeting so far and it went pretty well. We’re back to considering the “get the fuck out of the country now” option, which previously I ruled out but now, given all the headaches around this damn iPhone, I’m thinking might not be a bad idea. More as it develops.