Just heard from Zuckerberg

He’s like, Dude, look, the way I figure it is that whatever someone is willing to offer me, my company must be worth more, right? I mean if someone wants to pay ten billion for something they’re only going to do that if they think it’s worth more than ten billion, like maybe fifteen billion. But if it’s worth fifteen billion then why should I sell it for ten? But then if they offer fifteen billion I know it’s probably worth twenty or twenty-five billion. You see the quandary we’re in. How do you ever sell something if it keeps going up in value like this? Especially in our case where it keeps going up in value for no apparent reason. And we’ve got all these crooks trying to steal this company out from under me. I mean sure I’m only fifteen years old and my CFO is still in junior high but we’re not stupid, right? I mean I was going to Harvard before I did this. Harvard. Little college back East. Have you heard of it? And what a lot of people don’t know is I was the king of poker in our dorm. Never lost a game. You know why? No, not because I was lucky. Because I was smart, but I acted dumb. And I was really good at bluffing. That helped too. (Photo: Dave Spart, Harvard Crimson.)