Jon Ive as our next CEO?

Jon swears he didn’t have anything to do with this article where some design guru pens an open letter to the Apple board saying that after I’ve retired they should put Jon Ive in charge. Fair enough. And the guy says lots of nice things about El Jobso and even acknowledges how difficult (I’d say impossible) I will be to replace. And with the recent news about the subpoena hovering over me I guess we’ll have to expect more crap like this to start showing up in the blogosphere and even the mainstream press — like last year when the Journal for no good reason did that big glowing profile on Tim Cook.

No worries. Katie and her team are writing a new 14,000-word piece under her “Daniel Eran Dilger” pen name where “Daniel” will explain why the options backdating thing presents no threat to Jobso and how the whole thing is just another Microsoft ploy to cast doubt over Apple because we’re doing so well, and the U.S. Attorney and the SEC and all of the mainstream media are secretly doing the Beastmaster’s bidding and the whole thing is just FUD and spin and lies and anyone who doesn’t agree with this is a shill and here’s a list of them and they should all be blacklisted and anyone who reads them or cites them should be blacklisted too. Whew. Katie cut her teeth doing Mac user group propaganda ops. When she gets going she really gets going.