I’m in London, and loaded for bear

I love it here, honestly. I’ve always felt strangely at home here, as if maybe I lived here in some past life or something. Like, from the first time I ever visited, I knew exactly how to get around the city and never needed a map. People say it’s confusing but it’s always seemed perfectly organized to me. And tomorrow I am going to blow this town wide open. I can’t say what we’re announcing, obviously. But it’s big. The paparazzi are already crawling all over me. Bono just came in and says there’s a crowd outside Claridge’s because they all think I’m staying there even though I’m not. And people are lining up outside our store on Regent Street. BBC says police are expecting fifty thousand people, possibly more. Unreal. Bono says we should go over to Claridge’s, rent a room, and dangle a doll off the balcony just to freak people out. It’s almost midnight and I can’t sleep. So maybe we’ll do it. Peace out.