I’m blogging from the jet

So I’m on the Jobs Jet, winging my way home from New York to dear old California. All I can say is that New York was hotter and muggier than the inside of a monkey’s ass. Who the hell can live in this dump? I wore a summer-weight turtleneck and a pair of light-cotton jeans and still I was sweating like Peter Oppenheimer on a treadmill. And nothing came of it anyway. I was meeting with GE guys, trying to put some pressure on them to put some pressure on the NBC guys. I was telling them we could do some joint venture stuff, bringing some of Apple’s design flair to their crappy dishwashers and microwave ovens. Maybe even license them some built-in iPod type technology. Brought Mr. Ive with me to dazzle the dipshits. Turns out, however, that the GE guys are just as clueless as the NBC guys. Maybe worse. They totally don’t get it. They’re like, What are we going to do with a washing machine that’s one inch thick? How’s that going to work? Why do we need an oven with an LCD display to play movies? Ive tried to answer but they cut him off and wouldn’t even let him speak. Total dicks. No vision. Oh well. We tried. Jonny stayed behind in New York to see “Jersey Boys.” Real culture maven that one.