Hey Woz? Put a sock in it, bokay?

Now he’s mouthing off to the press that we cut the price of iPhone because we have too much inventory. See here. Money quote: “My opinion about why they did it is that they have a large inventory and they are set up to build more than they have sold by a bit and they have to keep things moving.” Katie Cotton assures me that nobody is going to believe Woz on this. She says our official company line about wanting to restore a sense of childlike wonder to the holiday season is much more believable. Apple faithful, we’re telling you the truth on this one. No really. I mean it. Seriously. I really do. There’s huge demand for iPhone, so much we can barely keep up. That’s why we lowered the price. If anything, the new lower price should slow down demand a bit until we can crank up a couple of extra factories and catch up with the rampant demand. Once we’ve got some inventory built up then we’ll raise the price again. (Just stop. Ed.)

Meanwhile Woz is now finding new ways to make an embarrassment of himself and further cement his position as the Billy Carter of Silicon Valley, like with this video where he’s selling his Nissan and giving the money to charity. So sad. (Photo: Burt Hammer, Musclebear Magazine.)