Good news, bad news

Good news is some Eurotards have put out a report saying that the EU should require that all PCs and laptops be sold without an operating system pre-loaded as a way to give Borg rivals a chance to compete. See the article here which lets you download a PDF of the full report. Also in the good news category is the fact that the report’s authors seem to exempt Apple from the unbundling campaign. But the bad news is their reason why:

”To be clear, this paper deliberately concerns itself with the commodity computer market, where products are aimed at the mass market. We consider the Mac to be a premium, niche product, like a Bang and Olufsen television, which is difficult to justify in the business world outside of the publishing sector. We therefore do not think that the Mac, despite claims of its superiority, provides a meaningful competitive threat to Microsoft.” Italics mine.

Not sure whether to celebrate or just sit here screaming. Much love to dear reader Oscar for alerting us to this report.