Gates: Welcome to my nightmare, old pal

So Kermit the Beastmaster just emailed me the PC World story and then called laughing his ass off. “So we’re filing a complaint with the DOJ,” he says. “We’ve got Real Networks and Roxio and all the record labels and movie studios joining up with us. Plus AMD and IBM and Sony and Samsung and Nokia and Motorola and the bankruptcy trustees for Tower Records. Free Software Foundation is filing an amicus brief. EU antitrust guys are going to testify. Some guy from Denmark or something. No idea. Anyhoo. Sun’s getting involved, too, for reasons I don’t understand, except I think Scooter doesn’t like to get left out of anything like this and we’re letting him come along because we don’t want to hurt his feelings. Just wanted you to be the first to know, okay? Enjoy your time in the clown chair. I’m sure you will. Just as much as I did. Hey, maybe they can get David Boies to handle your case too. Trust me, he’s a jackass. And look, don’t take this personally okay? Because it’s not personal. I don’t even care if we win. Frankly I don’t think we’ve even got a legitimate case. But who cares. I just feel like I owe you one. And let’s face it, I’ve got more money than I know what to do with, and I just want to fuck with your head for a few years. Okay? Okay. See you in court. I love you too. Buh-bye. Mwah.”