Gates says I’m paranoid

He just called me and he’s like, “Jobso, honestly, you nuts down there in the Valley are the most paranoid freaks I’ve ever met in my life. And not just the tinfoil hat types like Dave Winer, but even the mainstream guys like you. Honestly, Steve. Trust me on this. There are no spies working at Google. There are no Microsoft people trolling your blog. You need to get a grip. The PC wars are over, and you lost. The whole world knows this. The only one who doesn’t know this is you. You’re like one of those Japanese soldiers living on an island who doesn’t know World War II is over, and so he’s still fighting the war. Fair enough, you’ve gained a couple of market share points. I’m happy for you. Whatever. But you’ll never have more than ten percent share. Ever. It’s not even because we’re so great and you’re not or whatever. That’s got nothing to do with it. It’s just math. It’s just a fact. You’ll never crack ten percent. If you’re happy with that, so are we. When the monopoly freaks crawl out of the woodwork we can point to the fact that you’re gaining share. Who knows? Maybe we even like you gaining some share. Maybe we’re even letting it happen on purpose. Ever thought of that? Now there’s a good one for you conspiracy freaks to mull over. I’m joking. Relax. And cool the rhetoric, okay? It’s one thing to compete. It’s another to make up lies about your competition. I should know, right? Peace out. We’re not spying on you or trolling you or breaking into your computers at night. We’re just not. Okay. Bye now.” (Photo: Frank Shaw, Waggener Edstrom.)