For Christ’s sake, Al, sound off like you’ve got a pair

Don’t get me wrong. I love Al. But honestly sometimes he’s the most timid, cautious, finger-in-the-air candy-ass I’ve ever known. Now he’s got Tipper floating a trial balloon in Vanity Fair. See the Drudge story on it here. Money quote: “Tipper also says that Al has made no moves that would suggest a run for the presidency, but adds that if he turned to her one night and said he had to run, she’d get on board, and they’d discuss how to approach it this time around, given what they’ve learned.”

Man oh man. I just called him and I’m like, Dude, you know I love you, but if you want to be president, and you should want to be president, because you’d be a great president, well then stand up like a man and do it. Don’t have your friggin wife drop hints in some socialite celebrity magazine. Don’t take polls or do focus groups or try to figure out what people want you to say and whether they’ll vote for you instead of Bitchary and what you’ll need to do to reposition yourself. Jesus! Do you not realize that this kind of pussyfooting is exactly what killed you last time? Dammit, brother, if you want to run for president, grow some balls and run for president. If not, then just shut the hell up and stop bugging us. Bokay? You’re making me nuts with this.

(Photo paid for by Norman Hsu, courtesy of DNC.)