Fear not. If you killed your iPhone, we’ll gladly sell you another one.

You might have seen this story in the New York Times about iPhones freezing up. If so I hope you read down far enough in the story to see the following quote from our PR spokesbot: “If the damage was due to use of an unauthorized software application, voiding their warranty, they should purchase a new iPhone.”

We spent a lot of time debating this but I really think this is the best thing to do. We’re going to stay classy and take the high road. No recriminations. No punishment. No fines or criminal charges for tampering with an Apple device or loading some dangerous unapproved software. If you messed around with your iPhone and now have an iBrick, okay. Fair enough. We’re going to let it slide. Bring your broken iPhone to any Apple store and we’ll take back the iPhone you broke and sell you a brand new iPhone for only $399, minus the $100 coupon that you might have.

We call it the “Fresh Start” amnesty program. Each unit sold in our Fresh Start program will come with a special card that says something like this: “Hey. Looks like we got off on the wrong foot. Let’s start again, shall we? We’re willing to take you back and give you a second chance, because we believe you have the right intentions and that you really do want to be a good customer. So here’s to new beginnings.”

Gotta warn you, though. This is a one-time deal. You mess with your Fresh Start iPhone, we’re not going to sell you any more. That’s it. You’re cooked. I mean it.