Everybody’s an expert

Check out Mr. Big Brain in the New York Times with his big economic analysis of our iPhone pricing here. Worse, though, is Seth Gonad’s excruciating piece here where he suggests other things we should have done. Like these:

* Free exclusive ringtones, commissioned from Bob Dylan and U2, only available to the people who already had a phone. (This is my favorite because it announces to your friends–every time the phone rings–that you got in early).
* Free pass to get to the head of the line next time a new hot product comes out.
* Ability to buy a specially colored iPod, or an iPod with limited edition music that no one else can buy.

Where to begin? People actually pay money for books that this man writes. People listen to what he says and repeat things he says as if they make sense. How can this be? What madness has overtaken the world?

For the record, some professor of philosophy who writes a blog on business ethics says we didn’t do anything wrong, and all these whiners should just shut up. Did I mention that he’s a professor? Yeah. At a college. So there.