Enough with the iPhone analysis stories already

Jesus. Will you hacks please stop analyzing this whole price cut thing to death? Please? There’s yet another one of these stories here. To their credit they did at least quote an analyst saying the only sane thing I’ve read so far about all this: “This is the way the cell business works – it’s the way it has always worked. I don’t understand where all the complaining is coming from.” Then there’s this one from TheStreet.com which says “Apple Got It Right” and points out that iPhone is kicking ass in the smart phone market. And this one by Herb Greenberg saying Apple is run by humans, not space aliens. Meanwhile some other guys say that the people who run carriers are frigtards and that I hate all of them and my speech last week was filled with loads of cryptic “fuck you” messages to AT&T and all the rest of them. These guys speculate that I’m already sick of the cell phone industry. Let me ask you something. Isn’t everyone?

Please, filthy hacks, let this story go. Bokay? We cut the price. We said we’re sorry. We gave back some money. It’s over. Move along.