Chandler update: Final beta now due in 2H2008

Speaking of Cantabrigians with who dream big and talk even bigger, I shared a spliff with Mitchell Kapor at a drum circle workshop over the weekend and he told me his revolutionary Chandler software project, which has been in development since 1988, now is making huge progress. Mitch says they’re now at version .7 (see here) and should be hitting beta by the second half of 2008, with a final release scheduled for a year or so after that. “So we’re looking at late 2009 or early 2010,” he says. “And the whole team is just totally pumped up. Really on fire.” Mitchell says the project would be farther along but recently he made a unilateral decision to scrap what they had and rewrite the code so that Chandler will be optimized to work on the OLPC XO laptop, which he says is going to become “the de facto computer standard around the world.” (Photo by Burt Simmons, Lotus Magazine.)