But wait, there’s more

Man oh man. Sun is unleashing the friggin dogs of war this week. MLP was in New York talking to financial analysts and announced another huge initiative: from now on, Sun is going to focus on storage rather than computing. That’s right. Storage. Sun is now a storage company. But also a high-performance computing company. Because companies are increasingly in need of high-performance computing, which means they’ll be turning to Sun. Which is why the company’s stock symbol is now JAVA, as a way to reinforce that focus on storage. Or high-performance computing. Or something. Geddit? See the whole rambling mess here.

Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up. Here are two MLP comments, verbatim, from the story:

1. “If you look at the number of challenges we’ve had to face, probably the single most important albatross that we’ve kind of put away is the brand of the company. And that was because the financial reputation of the company was not so hot, technology reputation was not so hot and we weren’t delivering the kind of results that shareholders and big investors want. From my vantage point, we’ve put that to bed. We’re now at a point where now we’re talking about, how fast can we grow, not ‘are you going to be around?’ That’s a huge shift for us.”

2. “The market opportunity is vastly larger than our capacity to go after it. We could do business with 100 percent of the marketplace — we tend to win the deals we show up in front of, at a very, very high rate. The problem is we’re not going to go hire on 300,000 people to go after it.”

Get the straitjacket. But approach with caution. (Photo: Burt Hammer, DSM-IV)