Borg operatives are trolling this blog

So our interns in Krasnodar, Iulia and Natasha, became suspicious of some of the pro-Borg comments that suddenly began rolling in to the strings recently. They were like, Jobso, something unusual is happening, because surely there are not actual human beings who would sing the praises of Vista, are there?

So we ran a test. They asked me to post a few anti-Borg items and let them track the comments. Not sure how they do this because as you know I’m mathlexic and hate numbers and I’m totally a visual thinker. But they did it. Loads of stuff rolling in from Seattle area, and lots from Redmond, specifically. And a few from the Borg’s PR minions at their outside agency. Don’t worry, Beastmaster. We’re not going to moderate them out. We let them through. Free country and all. Plus it creates a fun new game for the Apple faithful. See if you can figure out which statements came from hired guns.

Free fake refurbished iPod Classic (we’ve got lots of them coming back in for repair) to anyone who can spot them all. Good luck.