Apple voted "best place to work" for PR people

So says some guy from Advertising Age here. Money quote: “It’s a cushy job because as a public relations person at Apple, you don’t have to deal with the media at all. … No risk of carpal tunnel, either, because answering e-mail is optional too! Those few times you do have to involve yourself with a reporter? Well it’s time for mental fun and games. Figure out ways to chew up their time without really being helpful. Things you can ask and/or demand: What is your story about? Can you write out all the questions you might possibly want to ask? Give us all of your information. Yes. All of it. And, by the way, we may or may not respond to let you know we don’t have a comment.”

As Katie Cotton (photo) said to me, Frankly, this guy sounds like he’s got a chip on his shoulder. Definitely biased. Definitely out to get us. Sounds to me like he had the story written before he even did his reporting. So why should we talk to him? I agree with Katie: He’s dead to us. (Photo courtesy of Dear Reader Shawn.)