Zunes on Woot

Yes, the bargain basement overstock clearinghouse has those red-hot Zunes on sale for $149. See here. Congratulations, Microtards. You are setting the world on fire. Please be sure to read the “How Zune is Now?” ad copy. It’s so good that it should be immortalized somewhere. For example:

“Becky was shocked – had she blown it already? By shopping for an iPod, had she given herself away as a small-town rube? But then what was he listening to on those white earbuds? Had big-city folk invented some new kind of audio entertainment that wasn’t music or talking? She had so much to learn about the world.”

Much love to readers Randy and Jordan who sent in links to this howler.

Meanwhile, soon up on Woot — dead Xbox 360 consoles, completely refurbished but still not functioning correctly, for only $99. It’s a great stress reliever. You keep it on your desk and smash it with a hammer every time your Vista computer crashes.