YouTube of the Day

You know, I still remember the day when Al Gore came to me with the original idea for the Internet and the two of us sat down and worked out the architecture and the standards and then coded up some prototypes and got the whole thing running. Took about a week of non-stop work in the Jobs Pod and at the end we sat back and just shook heads because we knew we had created something huge. Even so, we never could have imagined all the ways people would use our system. For example, we never imagined it would reinvent media and change journalism forever. But check out this clip. It’s citizen journalism at its finest. Phone Bill Girl and one of her fellow Ph.D. candidates are discussing the work of Roland Barthes and narrative theory in the context of Derrida and Chomsky, with a deftly handled digression into the recurring sexism of Norman Mailer’s work. Or something. Somewhere in heaven, Marshall McLuhan is weeping. Either that or laughing his ass off.