Who let the Microsoft user pilot the space shuttle?

Check out this story about astronauts bringing iPods on the space shuttle. Now, okay, we gave them the iPods at no cost so we could get some free publicity. And yes, Katie Cotton got NASA to force them to participate in this stupid press conference by convincing the NASA flacks that this would make the astronerds seem more human or friendly and less like the cyborgs they actually are. But check out the quote from pilot Charlie Hobaugh who apparently couldn’t be bothered to memorize the script we wrote for him. He says he is bringing an iPod but doesn’t know what music is on it: “I listen to music and I like music but I couldn’t tell you who the group is, or anything else. I don’t really pay attention to that.” Bet you’re a real barrel of monkeys at a party, Charlie. Really. A real blast. By the way, the correct answer was: Bob Dylan. Album is called Blood on the Tracks. Have you heard of it? Friggin Dylan poured his heart out on that album. You ungrateful bastard.

To see the bio of Charlie the Pilot, go here. Says his number-one hobby is “weight lifting.” I am not making this up.