Where is the outrage?

Just got this in on email; someone sent me a link to Zack de la Rocha’s blog, where he’s been ranting about this, and justifiably so. Look at the name of this product. As Zack points out, this is straight out of apartheid-era South Africa. Or George W. Bush’s Amerikkka. But I guess because it comes from Germany they get a pass, right? Honestly, if Apple did this we’d never hear the end of it. Much love to Alexander for sending in this tip. Apple faithful, I know it’s painful to see things like this. Maybe you’d rather I just skipped over them. Well, I’m sorry. We can’t just turn a blind eye to stuff like this. We have to call it to the world’s attention and point out, every time, that this is wrong and we won’t tolerate it. Remember, part of being an Apple user involves showing the rest of the world how an enlightened, tolerant, peace-loving person should act. With great computers comes great responsibility. Imagine there’s no heaven. It’s easy if you try. Namaste. Peace out.