What is this ditzy dame’s problem?

I keep getting mail about this Justine thing and for a while I was just going to ignore it, which is always what Katie Cotton advises me to do, but look, the whole reason for keeping a blog is to engage in a radically transparent naked conversation with our customers so here goes:

Look. Okay. You got a 300-page phone bill. It came in a box. What is your point? You send a zillion text messages a month. Now the whole world knows that you have the mentality of a thirteen-year-old girl roaming around the mall texting all your friends. You’re proud of this? You think this is going to launch your career, because now other nitwits want to interview you about having a big phone bill? Jesus Christ.

UPDATE: I had Moshe and his crew go through this gal’s phone records. Turns out she sent the exact same text message to more than four hundred thousand people. It read: “OMG I have an iPhone!!!!!!!!! R u jelous????? Am I so kewl r what!!!!!!!!

You know what bums me out? The idea that hundreds of brilliant designers and engineers could devote years of their life to creating a product — and this is how it gets used. Groan.