This is Sergey and Larry’s idea of a sick joke

They’ve convinced Lego to make a “Young Woz and Jobs” Lego set and got Gizmodo to write it up here. Much love to David for sending me the link. As I told John Markoff at the New York Times just a few minutes ago, when he sent me an IM to see if I cared about this Lego thing or was upset about it or if I intended to buy one for myself, frankly, I have zero interest in obtaining one of these Lego sets. (Actually it wasn’t me doing the IMs, it was Katie Cotton pretending to be me and speaking on my behalf.) Anyhoo. My interest level is zero. Zip. Zilch. If you could have negative interest, that’s what I’d have. Like negative ten. Or negative one hundred. I’m sure Woz will buy a bunch of them but since I have a job and still go to work every day I’m just way too busy to play with toys. Even if I were not working, I could not care less. Way too busy. Not angry, not upset, not offended. Just could not care less. Honestly. (Enough, we don’t believe you, Ed.)