Some Apple site says I’m "stupid and arrogant." Oh really?

See here. They’re pissed about iPhone being locked down. Thing is, you know what you get when something isn’t locked down? You get Windows on Dell. You get nine SKUs of Vista on nine million SKUs of PC models and everyone’s head way up their ass because nobody can figure out how to manage all this complexity. Not even the big brains at Microsoft can do it. They’re drowning in complexity and there’s nothing they can do about it. They can’t possibly do a good job of supporting so many different combinations of software and hardware and peripherals. So they do what you have to do in that case. They shoot for the lowest common denominator. Look, if you want a phone that isn’t “locked down,” as you put it, you can go get one. There’s loads of them. They run Windows Mobile. Have fun. Knock yourself out. But I’m not going to fuck up my beautiful creation. I won’t do it. I’m sorry. As for calling me “stupid and arrogant,” do you think I’ve never heard that before? And do you think I actually care? Siooma, pal.