Smurfy Pogue stabs me in the back

See here. He’s pissed about the new iMovie. Which, um, I agree kind of sucks. And he kinda sorta hints at why we put out such a brain dead movie maker program. Little hint. Our initial marketing slogan was gonna be, “You wanna make real movies? Go buy Final Cut Pro, you cheap bastards.” Or something like that. That one was Phil Schiller’s idea. Katie Cotton suggested we try to “soften” it a bit and so in the end it just became: “Completely redesigned to help you make movies in minutes.”

Also, little back story here so you can understand what Smurfy is really doing here. He was pissed about the iPhone. Or, rather, at the way he was unable to say anything bad about the iPhone or point out its shortcomings. (It was part of the contract he signed with us when we gave him an early review copy. You get the phone, but you can’t say anything bad.) So now he’s going through this whole Oedipal thing where he needs to symbolically “kill” his father (yours truly) in order to establish himself as a man. Or something. Frankly most of us here at Apple think that if our new software stops Smurfy from making any more of his song videos, we’ve helped make the world a better place.

But wait. Smurfy, I’ve got an idea. Why not go write a song about iMovie and how the new version has broken your heart? Set it to the tune of “Macarthur Park.”

Someone took my iMovie away.
I don’t think that I can take it.
Because it took so long to bake it.
And I’ll never have that iMovie again! Oh noooo!

Yeah. Like that.