SCO vows to sue self, alleging incompetence.

They sued IBM. They sued Novell. They sued some auto parts retailer and then some other end customer. They served a restaurant waitress for screwing up their order. They sued a highway patrolman who gave Darl McBride a speeding ticket. They sued the National Weather Service for predicting sunshine on a day when it rained. They sued Dane Cook and David Spade for foisting their horrible shows onto cable TV. (Enough, we get it, Ed.)

They hired David Boies, who claims to be the world’s greatest litigator, though a lot of people had doubts about him after he failed to drive a stake through Microsoft’s black heart on behalf of Sun and Apple, er, I mean the DOJ. Anyhoo. SCO claimed they were owed money because Linux infringed on Unix and they owned Unix. Except, um, it turns out SCO doesn’t own Unix. This according to a judge, who ruled Friday. Now Boies says SCO has retained him to sue himself as well as SCO management for being frigtards. That one, for sure, should be a slam-dunk. Godspeed to you, SCO.