Richard Stallman last seen headed for Jamaica dressed in a wetsuit and carrying a bodyboard

Man oh man. The dude just lives for danger. Last week he barely survived the earthquake in Peru. Now he’s jetting into another global hot zone. All part of living the life of an International Man of Mystery, I guess. Few months ago he was air-lifted into the South Pacific so he could surf a tsunami. Then he was kite-boarding in India during a monsoon. It’s the thrill-a-minute lifestyle that RMS is known for. No permanent address. No car. No cell phone. No luggage. Just a duffel bag full of cash from the MacArthur Foundation, and the balls to do anything. You think Shaun White is a wild man? Kid is nothing compared to RMS. I’ve seen him riding fifteen-meter waves at Mavericks and laughing his ass off. He’s a straight-up old-school O.G. — that’s Original GNUster. Hardcore.