Regarding this stupid Dateline show

Loads of folks are writing in about this ridiculous Dateline program about stolen iPods. See here. Gist is that Apple should somehow help people find their iPods when they get stolen by using the registration information in the player. Folks, come on. Our company is called Apple, not LoJack. I mean, I guess if you want to pay an extra five hundred bucks for theft insurance we could provide some sort of service like this. Otherwise, look, it’s not our job to find your friggin iPod if it gets stolen. Does Mercedes go looking for my car if it gets pinched? Is it somehow their fault? Same here. Anyway, um, think about this for a minute. We’re trying to sell more iPods, right? Yours gets stolen, we’re happy to sell you a new one. We’ve got a new one that even makes phone calls. Have you heard of it?