A point well made

A commenter points out that if Bike Helmet Girl had been the one complaining about the 300-page phone bill, I wouldn’t be making fun of her — I’d be cutting some AT&T exec a new poop chute. And you know what? You’re right, my friend. For my dear Bikey, I would stop at nothing. (BTW, BHG, call me, bokay? Or send email. It’s been a while. I just want to know how you’re doing.) So am I a hypocrite? No way. Dudes, come on. Look at BHG. She’s hip, she’s edgy, she’s a professional modern dance performance artist. She lives in San Francisco and dances in crazy shows like this. She wears her bike helmet at parties, dances in her underwear and chews on string. Grrrrr. What’s not to love? She’s far and away my ultimate geek crush. Except for Veronica Belmont. But VB is still involved with Ryan, so I’m told. Huuuuge mistake, VB. But we’re all still hoping you’re going to ditch him when you get famous, like Tia Carrere in WW2. Or does she end up back with Wayne? I can’t remember. Meanwhile I’m told that Phone Bill Girl is so famous she has her own friggin doll. I had no idea she was such a celebritard. Man do I feel old and out of it.

UPDATE: Photo of BHG was taken by Mitchell Aidelbaum.