Please do not put my precious machine on a crappy desk like this

A reader in England sends in this photo and informs me that a store called Asda (some kind of cousin to Wal-Mart) is selling this cheapo PC desk for about twenty-five bucks. The picture on the box seems to indicate that someone might actually put an iMac on this POS hunk of fake wood. Please, people. Even in England you know better right? This desk might be fine for a Dell laptop. But not an Apple product. If you’d like some examples of desks that we find appropriate please check out the Thos. Moser catalog or at the very least some of the stuff on Design Within Reach. Okay? Otherwise you harsh the vibe of the machine and mess up its feng shui, and you’re just not going to get the performance out of it that you’re supposed to. I know, this furniture is expensive. But look. You cared enough to pay a little more and get the best computer available. Don’t skimp on the desk. Please. I beg you. Namaste. I honor the place where your desk and my computer become one.