Photo policy

So I’ve been alerted via my PR people that some people are griping about their photos being used on this blog without attribution. See this one by JAMES DUNCAN DAVIDSON who snapped a wonderful photo of My Little Pony which I used recently. And this one by FRASER SPEIRS who took some wonderful shots at the Glasgow opening.

James and Fraser: I’ve gone back and put attribution on those photos. And I apologize for the oversight. Moshe Hishkill says you’re just a pair of whiny twats, but I don’t agree. I think attribution is important.

To be sure, I am the person who once said, “Bad artists copy. Great artists steal.” (A line that was later stolen by Pablo Picasso. Ironic, no?) But friends, this does not apply to photos. I want to give attribution wherever possible. If your photo gets used without attribution, please know that this only happened because I just found the photo on a page someplace and there was no credit attached to it. Or it happened because I was working too fast and not paying attention and simply made a mistake.

Resolved: I will make a better effort to put attribution on photos. Meanwhile, here’s the deal. If you just email me and tell me that a photo is yours, I promise I will add your attribution and do it any way you like it– ALL CAPS, boldface, BOLDFACE CAPS, italics, or … that’s about it. Whatever. I mean it. Photos are an important part of this blog. I really want to encourage people to send in their work, and I know that for many people getting credit is really important.

I’ll do my best to find out up front who took the pix I use. But if you see something that isn’t attributed and should be, or if you want credit for your pix, or if you want me to take down a photo of yours that I’ve used, please let me know. I want to help you publicize your work, if that’s what you’d like. Or not, if that’s what you like. Whatever. Trying to be a good citizen here.

And again, I apologize. This blog is supposed to be about having fun and restoring a sense of childlike wonder to people’s lives. That’s all. It’s just a bit of fun. Something to check out in the morning when you get to work and need a little chuckle. I don’t want to harsh anyone’s vibe. Except for My Little Pony, whose vibe needs some harshing. Much love. Namaste. Peace out.