Our official position on this unlocking craze

A dude at CNET suggests it was our plan all along to let people hack and unlock the iPhone. See here. His premise on the unlocking phenomenon is that while we stand to lose our cut of AT&T license fees if people use unlocked phones, in the long run we stand to gain more by selling more hardware units. It’s no secret that I began my career as a phone system hacker and that I don’t think much of the “orifices” who run carriers. CNET man also suggests that we haven’t been too upset about the unlocking: “Isn’t it ironic that AT&T lawyers went knocking on the doors of the hackers while Apple lawyers sipped tea at home?”

So I know what you’re wondering. Is it true? Do we secretly want people to unlock our phone? Did we even maybe make it kind of easy for people to do this? Let me give you our official response: Apple has no comment on this matter.