My aversion to Indians is well documented

So I’m getting some comments from earnest folks saying they’re dropping this blog and claiming I’m racist because I don’t like Indians. First of all, there’s no such thing as race. It’s a construct created by oppressors. So shame on you. Second, my problem with Indians is well-known. Go to my archive and scroll down until you see the photo of the guy above, who used to run our Bangalore customer service center, which we had to close down, and you’ll get some important background information. Also please see this interview I did recently with an Indian gossip site called TechGoss where I discuss my long and complicated relationship with the subcontinent. Funny thing is this. DJ Varma, who did the interview for TechGoss, totally gets where I’m coming from, and he says his audience of readers in India gets it too. Americans, on the other hand, are outraged. An Indian friend of mine suggests this is because Americans are stupid. But that’s just the kind of racist statement I’ve come to expect from Indians.