More Microsoft FUD

So now the Borg is spreading some rumors about iPhone screens going dead and enlisting the aid of some Beast-friendly sites in their cause. See this story from the Business 2.0 blog network. Business 2.0 has a deal with CNN Money. CNN Money has a relationship with Fortune magazine. Fortune is owned by Time-Warner. That company’s board of directors includes Robert C. Clark (see here), a professor at Harvard — the same university which recently gave the Beastmaster an honorary law degree. Coincidence? Come on, folks. Don’t be naive. The giveaway is that Clark is a professor of law at Harvard. Time-Warner also owns AOL but hopes to sell it to Gates. Or maybe they already have sold it and they’ve kept the deal a secret and not disclosed it in their filings, which last I knew is a crime since it involves withholding information from the federal government and I know I’d sure love to see the discovery in that case.

For the record, there have been zero problems with iPhone. Zero. Those “dead spots” aren’t actually dead spots. Yes, people have brought some back and we’ve given them replacements. That’s not because there was anything wrong with the phones. But it’s easier to just give them a new phone and make them happy than to explain to them that they’re screwing up when they use the phone, and that they probably need to have their big fat stupid fingerswhittled down. FYI, all Apple employees who want or need finger-reduction surgery will get subsidies from the company. See your benefits representative.