Microsoft-based billboard craps out

Happened in Picadilly Circus. See the photo here. It was taken by someone called Rosso (afka siamonesti). I think that’s his name, anyway. That’s what it says on the flickr page. Anyway, I’m pretty sure Piccadilly Circus is not in Scotland, but I’d still better not display the photo here on my blog, because first of all I have no idea who the fuck Ross (afka siamonesti) is or even if he’s a real person. And even though he’s splattered this thing up onto the Internet for all the world to see and is apparently encouraging people to look at it and has even signed it up for all sorts of different flickr pools, you just know that if I use it he’ll bitch that I spelled his fucking name wrong or violated his Creative Commons license or something. I pretty sure I’m allowed to link to it but if not I’m equally pretty sure that some whiny pendejo will let me know. Dudes, I know. It sucks. So take it up with the fucking Scots.