In case you’re wondering, yes, someone got fired for this

Much love to the many readers who have sent in links to this article and the photo above which shows an iPhone kiosk running Windows XP. We called AT&T to complain and they said if we wanted to come in and install free iMacs in all their stores they’d be happy to oblige, but otherwise STFU because nobody in their IT department knows how to deal with those crazy strange foreign Macintoshes with their wacky non-Windows operating system which is just so strange and different and difficult to understand. And then we’ll have to train all their people and then we’ll have to find a company that will license OS X and make Mac clones because AT&T has a policy of not buying anything that has only a single source of supply. Well, we’re thinking about it. That’s all I can say at this time.

So who got fired? I’m sure you want to know. Well, it was a guy named Pete Dorn, who works in our supply chain organization at Apple. No, he didn’t have anything to do with the Apple stores. But somebody had to be fired. We pulled his name from a hat.