I hate to say this, but some people are gonna need to get whacked

So this whole Greg Reyes conviction is freaking me out. Sure, the stories all say that El Jobso is in the clear. Such is the power of the RDF. The truth is, I’m scared. Like if I hadn’t just spent 10 days on the Master Cleanse and then followed it up with 2 days of spearmint-flavored high colonics, I’d be crapping my pants right now. And it’s not just me. Half the friggin Valley is living in fear. See here. It’s like living in Stalin’s Russia, waiting for the knock at the door in the middle of the night. Last night a bunch of us were having dinner at Chantilly — the place was packed with Valley types — and a couple of cops walked in. They were just there about a car that was parked in a fire lane. Too late. Half a dozen dudes had already taken off running through the kitchen. Yeah. It’s like dat, y’all.

As BusinessWeek reports, the scary thing about the Reyes conviction is that they didn’t really have much of a case against him. But they did have some people who ratted him out. Same for us. And you know exactly who I’m talking about. I’m not saying we’re gonna do anything, but as Larry said to me this afternoon, sometimes a true Zen master is called upon to do difficult things, things that need to be done. Plus, do you really want to go to jail? I mean, really?

And now that there’s blood in the water, the prosecutors and SEC morons are gonna be even more bold. And no amount of money will satisfy them in terms of a settlement. They want heads on sticks.

Jerry York says he can handle the details and everything will look like an accident and there’s no connections back to me. I really hoped we wouldn’t end up here. But here we are. Negative people upset me. So do snitches. You know who you are. So a word to the wise: Zip it, jagoffs.