Huge party at John Doerr’s house last night

The greentards are whooping it up big time, celebrating the news (see here) about oil prices hitting new record highs. Champagne, caviar, mountains of shrimp cocktail, and loads of wasted VCs dancing around — sorry but the above footage was shot sideways and it’s the only stuff I could find. Yeah. It was that kind of party. Doerr was wearing a grass skirt and hula-dancing around a bonfire, saying, “I’m going to be rich! I’m going to be rich! Oh wait! I’m already rich! But I’m going to be richer! Eat my ass, Tom Perkins!” All the Kleiner dudes were there, dancing around. McNamee’s band did a set, with Al Gore joining on tambourine. (Al also gave a brief speech in which he said, “If I’m elected, I promise you that gasoline will cost ten dollars a gallon and the cost of electricity will triple,” which got a huge roar from the crowd.) Then the press showed up and Doerr went out front to talk to them and started crying about global warming again, like he did a while ago at some conference.