Frigtards at AT&T stores won’t sell iPhones

See here. They’re pissed because they don’t get as big a commission as they do on other phones. And because they have to compete with Apple stores selling iPhones too. Total a-holes. This is one huge reason why we stayed out of the phone business for as long as we did. I can’t stand the kind of morons who work in the typical cell phone store. It’s like they give people an IQ test and an EQ test and those who fail move on to the next round; then they sift out anyone who’s polite or helpful or doesn’t have a criminal record or a serious drug problem; whoever’s left gets the job.

Honestly, this is why Google wants the FCC to free up the wireless spectrum and let customers put any phone on any network. Well, okay, that’s not really why Google wants that. But anyway. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Cell phone carriers suck. They’re orifices. They’re yet another example of an industry that thrives only by exploiting customers and treating them like shit. Lock-in, two-year contracts, screwing you on every little feature. Damn. Someday, I hope not too long from now, we are going to look back on this era of wireless telecom in horror, not believing we ever had to put up with such bullshit.