Freetards attack BBC, get beaten off

They’re upset about DRM or something. See here. Not sure if those are haz-mat suits or just rain gear. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. There’s a war in Iraq. There’s a genocide in … someplace in Africa that begins with a “D,” I think. The planet is melting thanks to global warming. But the one thing that motivates these idiots to take to the streets is the copy protection placed on some digital content? Well, at least it’s nice to see that freetardation is not only a U.S. phenomenon.

BTW, for more fun, scroll down in the story linked above and check out the photo of the cop looking at the freetard. Check out the expression on the cop’s face. Any suggestions for what he’s thinking?

UPDATE: I’m told the freetards actually have a point here. So I stand corrected. These poor lazy Brits pay for the BBC and have every right to have their BBC content delivered on platforms other than Windows XP. Well, at least on Macs.

UPDATE #2: I still think those yellow suits are pretty amazing. It’s one of those outfits where it’s impossible to look good or be taken seriously while you’re wearing it. Like riding a Segway — it instantly shaves off 20 points of IQ.

UPDATE #3: Photo by Christopher Williams of The Register.