Dead man vlogging

Much love to the many readers who alerted us to this YouTube video where this hacker kid who goes by geohot shows off his unlocked iPhone. Now look. I know all about hacks. Especially hacks involving telecom equipment. You might recall that Woz and I first got into business doing something very much like what this kid is doing. Only a 1970s version. So I respect this kid’s intelligence. I like his chutzpah. I don’t know why he thinks the word “hot” belongs in his name, but whatever. He’s obviously brilliant. So who knows? I might even hire him. Or maybe I’ll sue him. Or maybe he’s a front for Apple and we actually told him how to hack the phone, so we can create a way out of our locked-in relationship with AT&T. Because think about it. If you want to hack and unlock our phones, what do we care? It’s great for us.

Or, maybe, just maybe, we learned our lesson about suing bloggers and instead we’re resorting to black ops. Maybe, just maybe, Moshe and his team of ex-Mossad guys are already on the way to this kid’s house. That’s right, geohot. Go on TV and brag about your hack. Enjoy your fifteen minutes. Continue to delude yourself into thinking you’re hot. But sleep with one eye open, kid.