Court forces freetard to use Windows

See here. A dude got busted for pirating movies and was sentenced in court. He uses Linux (of course) or as he puts it, “GNU/Linux.” Which is geekspeak for “the really crazy kind of Linux user.” He did five months in the can — no lie; he’s got the tats and the hemorrhoids to prove it — and now that he’s out part of his probation is that the authorities get to monitor his computer. But their monitoring software only runs on Windows. So they’re making him switch to Windows.

Now look. I run Disney, so I’m no fan of movie pirating. But there’s a rule in this country against cruel and unusual punishment, isn’t there? Used to be anyway. Seems to me making you run Windows fits that description. No one — and I don’t care who they are, or how evil they might be — should have to live with that constant nightmare. Also, little bit of advice to the authorities: If you’re going to create software for monitoring software piracy, you might want to develop a version that runs on Linux. Could be a good idea. Just saying.

Much love to reader Kevin for sending in this tip.