Borg steals credit for my work. Again.

Enlarge the photo and read the first sentence. Shocking! You know, in the old days, when the Beastmaster still had some pride, he used to actually take the time to copy my ideas and crank out lametarded versions of them. Now I guess he’s just too impatient for that. The Borg is claiming that the iPhone is theirs. Unreal. Apparently this is some paper in a foreign (as in “not located in the United States”) publication where the Borg figures people aren’t as savvy and don’t know the difference between Apple and Microsoft. We’ve got our lawyers on the job to see if we can shut this paper down or put them out of business or something. Same lawyers who are making threatening phone calls at 3 a.m. to people who are thinking about trying to sell unlocked iPhones. Sure, I know, I just wrote all that nice stuff about geohot. And I meant it. I really did. Our lawyers, however? Well, they’re a different story.