Borg-funded study raps iPhone texting

See here. Some research firm says they did a study and found texting on iPhone took twice as long as on a regular QWERTY keyboard phone. First of all, we never said iPhone was going to be aimed at people who wanted to type a lot of messages on their phone. We never said that’s who this device was for, or how it should be used. Never, ever, ever. We just didn’t. Go back and look. We never said that. So don’t start acting like we did, because we didn’t. If people want to go ahead and try to use it that way, there’s nothing we can do to stop them. But it’s just an unfair rap. Second, where in this release does it say that this study was funded by Microsoft? Shouldn’t that be disclosed someplace? I mean, who is this company? User Centric Inc.? Have you ever heard of them? Suddenly out of nowhere this mysterious firm just appears with some report bashing an Apple product, and nobody figures out that this is an astroturfing front set up by the Borg? Man oh man.