Barbra is griefing me big time over this

Look. We’re doing our best to keep Republicans from buying iPhones. Or any of our products for that matter. I mean, two percent of every sale goes directly to the DNC. Karl Rove knows this, and still buys an iPhone. What can I do? Nevertheless I have to chew through a stream of rambling, incoherent emails from Barbra, filled with spelling errors and grammar mistakes and typos, ranting about the damage that the Bush administration is doing to our country and to the planet and do I realize what I’m doing by putting such powerful technology into the hands of fascists and how is it that Hugo Chavez can’t get an iPhone in Argentina but Karl Rove is waltzing around and whipping it out like Pee Wee Herman in a porno bookstore? And she says Hillary is gonna bite my head clean off the next time she sees me.

Barbra, I’m sorry. He’s got an iPhone and I can’t get it back. I did, however, arrange for his number to get leaked to DailyKos so he could get harassed by wackos. Not saying that’s what led him to announce his resignation, but who knows? Or maybe being exposed to the childlike wonder of the iPhone made old Karl realize the errors of his ways. I’d like to think so.