What a weekend!

I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve received this weekend from people telling me how iPhone has transformed their lives. In just 48 hours this product has utterly changed the way we live. People are blown away by having a single device that combines phone, music and Web browsing. To all those who are writing in, please know that we’re trying to get a personal response out to each and every one of you. Meanwhile just know that your letters mean so much to me. I really, really appreciate them.

Meanwhile there is one story I need to share with you. iPhone has already saved a life. A young woman in southern California called to tell us that she accidentally locked her keys inside her car, and her dog, a tiny bichon frise, was in there too. Luckily she had her iPhone in her purse and was able to call for help. The dog was fine. “The police told me that if I hadn’t been using an iPhone, things might not have turned out so well,” she told us. “They all said that they’re getting iPhones for every member of their families, just for safety reasons. I hope you will let people know about iPhone’s special safety characteristics. And thank you, Steve Jobs. God bless you for what you’ve done for the world.”

Much love, iPhone lady. Namaste. Peace be unto you. And your little dog too.

To everyone else: If you have a story about how iPhone has transformed a life, or even saved a life, please send it in. We’d love to share it with everyone.