Update on that last item, for frigtards and Europeans

For the small but still surprising (and also disappointing) number of people who read the last item as a kind of “death threat” despite the explicit use of the word “metaphor” (see their frigtarded comments here) I should like to explain. I am not threatening to do any physical harm to John Dvorak. I am saying that Dvorak has made a career out of playing the same role as the “freak” in the game at Coney Island. He’s a wiseass. He’s a bully. He mocks passersby, he taunts, he jeers — and those of us who’ve been taunted by him have been powerless to fight back. (Like the dummies who pay ten bucks at Coney Island and get a paint gun that won’t shoot straight.) But now, thanks to the blogosphere, a CEO doesn’t have to just take shit from guys like Dvorak. When he makes up lies about my product or my company, I can fire back. And I can be very accurate. Every time Dvorak takes a shot at me (metaphorically, duh), I can “fire back” and address his bullshit here on my blog. Which is what I’m doing. It’s way more efficient than flying in Goatberg and Smurfy Pogue and hypnotizing them over and over again so they’ll do my bidding. Of course we’re still doing that too. Only because it’s so much damn fun.

Anyhoo, frigtards — I don’t actually own an Israeli assault rifle, and I am not ever going to go shoot John Dvorak or do him any physical harm. Bokay? Metaphor. Look it up. No need to call Tim O’Reilly and Jimbo Wales and the rest of the Internet police.