This about-face by Dvorak

So loads of people are writing in asking about this recent article by Dvorak in which he admits he’s using a Mac and thinks it’s a hundred times better than Windows and concedes that’s been a big foolish windbag ass-hat Mac-hater, and he’s been wrong, and he apologizes, and he prays that someday I can forgive him … or something like that. So people are asking me, Steve, what do you make of this?

You know what? It scares the shit out of me. Because if this frigtard Dvorak now likes our machines, I think we must have done something wrong. Honestly. This idiot has been so consistently wrong for his entire career that we use him as a contrarian indicator. Now he likes us, and I’m afraid this might mean we’ve jumped the shark or something. Also, as I’ve said many times, there are a lot of people who we really don’t want using our products. No bias or anything; they just aren’t right for us. Dvorak is clearly one of them.

So we’re watching this very, very closely to see how it develops. With any luck they’ll get JD back on his Alzheimer’s medicine and he’ll regain his senses and start bashing us again.