Thanks, Spiegel Catalog

So on Thursday we suddenly got hit with this huge surge in traffic and we couldn’t figure out why. Turns out it was because of this article in some German version of our Spiegel catalog. I don’t read Swiss so I can’t make any sense of it but I’m told it’s mostly positive. Apparently this Spiegel publication is very widely read in Europe, and all these daffy Euros, including many Italians, clicked on the link in the article and found this blog. So that explains all the traffic. It also explains the huge list of corrections to this recent article that I wrote about Fiat. It’s really worth taking another look at the article and then reading the numerous comments.

I’d like to address these concerns with the following correction:

A recent post about Fiat in the FSJ blog contained several errors. Tripoli is not in Italy, as we reported. Sicilian is not the language of Italy, as we reported. And “vaya con dios” is an expression in Spanish, not in Italian or Sicilian. We regret the errors and apologize to any Italians, Spaniards and Moroccans who might have been offended. I’ve instructed my team at Apple to create a new Foreign Language And Geography (FLAG) squad to start checking my items before they’re published. Items that have been checked — starting with this one — will have a label called “Foreign Language And Geography (FLAG).”